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City of Bay City

1901 5th Street, Bay City, TX, 77414, US


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Bay City Community Development Board Application

Volunteer Interest Form

This volunteer interest form will give some background to your goals and values. Once complete, a committee comprised of the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, and the BCCDC Director will interview candidates. After all interviews are complete, Mayor will recommend his nominations to City Council for approval. 

Full Name
Are you a resident of Bay City, Tx


More About You

Rank the priority the BCCDC should have on the categories below. Using each number only once. (1 being the highest 10 being the lowest)

Rank the following subjects below.
Rank the following subjects below.
Very Low Priority Low Priority High Priority Very High Priority
Downtown Development
Expanding Educational Opportunities
Business Expansion & Retention
Entrepreneurship / Start-Ups
Revive Blighted Areas
Fill Vacant Building Space
Check the documents that you've read, participated in creation, or have general knowledge of.
Do you have any experience with building codes common during construction projects? *
Currently, state law allows the BCCDC to fund city park projects. How much do you feel the BCCDC should submit to park projects. *
Do you have any feelings toward building or design standards for new development in the City? (Example would be Masonry Ordinance for Commercial Buildings, or implementation of a Design Review Board to approve new construction). *
Do you have any feelings toward city regulations that are commonly applied through zoning and special districts? *


Thank you for your time and your interest to serve the City of Bay City. If you have a resume or any other information you would like to include, please email Marissa Valentine at