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City of Bay City

1901 5th Street, Bay City, TX, 77414, US


Trash/Brush Missed Pick Up or Service Complaint

Please fill out this form if your trash, brush, or bulk trash item was not picked up on your regularly scheduled pick up day or if you have a service complaint. Your information will be logged and forwarded to WCA for resolution. 

On each regularly scheduled collection day, WCA will collect residential refuse located curbside in WCA supplied ninety-six (96) gallon roll-out carts. All carts will remain the property of WCA and will be maintained, at no charge by WCA. All refuse must be confined to the roll-out cart.

BLUE: Monday & Thursday

GREEN: Tuesday & Friday


Brush/Bulk will be serviced according to the map. Each residence will be required to contact WCA 24 hours in advance and provide their address. There is a limit of 2 call-ins per month for this service.

BLUE: Monday (must call in by 4pm Friday)

GREEN: Tuesday (must call in by 4pm Monday)

ORANGE: Wednesday (must call in by 4pm Tuesday)

YELLOW: Thursday (must call in by 4pm Wednesday)

PINK: Friday (must call in by 4pm Thursday)


Full Name

Full Address

Provide full date of when missed pick up occurred.